About me

Hypernova (Arthur Guo)

A simple minded person who make stuffs.

Game Development

I make mediocre fangames and indie games. I used to develop and publish games for mobile devices as an indie game developer, and it flopped.

Failed Business - Guova Games

Other Works

I make other stuffs just to mess around with random things. I am not really talented though.

My arts page

My skill sets

I am not really skilled. Why are you still here?

Game Development

Game development since 2007. There’s nothing really exciting to show.

Old fangame website
My drawing ability is on par with a middle school student. I am an adult in mid-20s.
My old artwork page
Technical backgrounds

As someone who worked in different kinds of tech related jobs and have taken classes over computer science, I do have to admit that I am a resourceful individual for troubleshooting computer/mobile device related issues.

Where am I?

I live in Dallas. It is a place full of dicks. No wonder it is called the Big-D.