About me

Hypernova (Arthur Guo)

A simple minded person who make stuffs.

Game Development

I make mediocre fangames and indie games. I used to develop and publish games for mobile devices as an indie game developer, and it flopped.

Failed Business - Guova Games

Other Works

I make other stuffs just to mess around with random things. I am not really talented though.

My arts page

My skill sets

I am not really skilled. Why are you still here?

Game Development

Game development since 2007.

Old fangame website

I’m not the best artist around but hey, practice makes perfection.

My old artwork page
Technical backgrounds

As someone who worked in different kinds of tech related jobs and have taken classes over computer science, I do have to admit that I am a resourceful individual for troubleshooting computer/mobile device related issues.

Where am I?

I am located in DFW area. It is an economic power house but unfortunately commuting is quite stressful.